How to Make a Torus in Google Sketchup.

This is one of those shapes that, given your first run of Sketchup, might seem extremely difficult to create. However, there are some really great tools in the program to help get the job done.

1. You’ll need the Large Tool Set open for this, so go to View>Toolbars and select Large Tool Set from the top.

2. Create a vertical circle using the circle tool. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to draw it on the face of a square and then erase the surfaces and excess lines.

3. Find the highest endpoint in the curve and use the circle tool to draw a circle perpendicular to the line.

4. Use the “Follow Me” tool and click on the face of the new circle. Drag along the curve until you’ve completed one loop, click again to close the shape and you’ve got a torus :D. If you want, you can even modify the outline of the second or first circle beforehand to create some really unique shapes.

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