Omg, I just found this program called Krita. It has some really great drawing tools like these weird but cool sketching brushes in pics 1 and 2, and the symmetry effects in pics 2 and 3. Regarding that last pic, I ended up drawing Azula as a warmup for one of the commissions :B

Krita is one of those drawing programs like MyPaint and Gimp that works best on Linux, but fortunately there is a Windows version.

A word of advice: if you install Krita on Windows, make sure to get the one that matches your OS (64 or 32-bit). I made the mistake of installing the 32-bit one on my PC first and it ended up being a little glitchy/crashy. Once I installed the 64-bit version, everything was golden. Also, be sure to enable OpenGL in preferences, otherwise zooming and canvas rotation may be really slow.

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