Sketching and testing out Picarto Streaming for a bit! Stop by and tell me to draw things :3

Here’s my new sketch/thumbnail method. When I started Everblue it was much like this, then I went all digital when it was more convenient, and now I’m back to pencil and paper. I’ve gone full circle XD.

I made a template that fits two pages on either side of an 8.5x11 piece of paper and printed them out so I can get more accurate sketches to scan in and use for pages.

I try to get as many of these done as I can in my half-hour lunches at work and, strangely enough, it’s been working. Been a while since I’ve been this far ahead in sketches.

On that subject, Page 18 is going up soon on the Patreon :3

(To the anonymous user who left an Ask about making line art from sketches, I’ll get to that as soon as I can! Sorry for the wait ;__;)

The League of Disgruntled Experiments … now accepting applications.

Been a while since I’ve been bitten by the fanart bug, so I didn’t ignore it this time.

After the most recent episodes of Sjin’s Farm and Flux Buddies, I can’t help but imagine a scenario like this going on behind the scenes XD.

Page 16 is up at last! Click here to read!
New cities!

I came home from work today to find the GoFundMe page completely funded and then some ;__;.

I was so worried and scared before and now this huge weight on my shoulders has just vanished thanks to your overwhelming outpouring of support. I cannot thank you all enough <3. The best I can do is to keep making comics, and I feel so much more secure in doing that now.

Not only can I pay off this four year old debt now, but thanks to the people who pushed the donations further, I’ll be more than halfway to the replacement computer I’ve been looking at soon *__*. No more out of memory errors in Photoshop, no more Livestream-based slowdown, it’s so much closer now X’D. And then I can focus all my savings on finally moving out of this apartment - freeedom *o*

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Thank you so much for the suggestions! ;__; I didn’t know GoFundMe was a thing, but I just set up a page there after I looked it up!

Here’s my GoFundMe page for the Ambulance debt!

Please don’t feel obligated to donate! A simple reblog may help just as much! Thank you, everybody! <3

Recent Things

I’ve been living in the same place for 20 years.

6 years ago, after my brother and sister moved out, my mom died and I guess I became the sole tenant by default.

It’s an apartment for low-income families, so as my income goes up, the rent goes up and the inversion. The problem is that it makes it very hard to leave - they always seem to take just enough that you’re likely to be stuck with only enough to pay for food and utilities.

After the new healthcare laws kicked in, I quit freelance and got a union job to avoid the complications involved in that mess. I was finally able to save up a little money, my ultimate goal to eventually leave this sand trap of an apartment and have a few less road bumps to deal with.

This morning I got a letter from a collections agency telling me I owe $716.98 plus interest for ambulance fees accrued when I went to the hospital for my PSVT four years back. I avoided paying it for the longest time because I had no extra money for it and was scared/embarrassed/everything-else of asking for help.

I can see it being possible to pay this off eventually, but my hope of replacing my dying computer and moving somewhere less complicated is now dashed for the foreseeable future.

I’m not going to give up on Everblue. I can’t give up on Everblue. But I just wanted to let people know, if I take a while to respond to emails or messages, this is why. I can’t be happy right now. The ‘frequency’ of updates, whatever that means, won’t be affected.

This on top of the recent news that my union would be taking extra money out of my paycheck because they filed my agreement paperwork late has gotten me so low I have no idea if I can climb back up again. If anything else crops up - medical issues, other bills I don’t know about - I don’t know how I’ll handle it.

Right now I’m just trying to take the advice of one of my own characters:


Anyway, hopefully I’ll see you on the other side of the storm. You’ve all been the best part of my life and I’ll hold on to that while I keep pushing forward. Thank you for everything.

Yes I did&#8230; but only after JesnCin figured out what the text said here :3.
Here&#8217;s a preview of the next page because it&#8217;s been too long ;__;. Still picking away at it every chance I get.
I made it look like a promotional poster for the city. Can you decipher the text? :3

Here’s a preview of the next page because it’s been too long ;__;. Still picking away at it every chance I get.

I made it look like a promotional poster for the city. Can you decipher the text? :3